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Updated: March 09, 2017

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Meet ASFC President Ramiel Petros

For ASFC president Ramiel Petros, Foothill is part of a family tradition. The college is just a short drive from his Los Altos home. His two older sisters also attended the college. One graduated from UC Berkeley, and the other is currently at UCLA.

“Foothill is a great school,” Petros said. “It has made a difference in the way I think and learn, and I would not have gotten that anywhere else.” He wants to make sure other students get the most out of their time at Foothill. One of his main goals as ASFC president is to build up the campus community. Petros considers student government an important part of that community. 

“Student government provides the opportunity for students to voice, address, and solve concerns on campus that affect them,” he said. 

Petros started studying full-time after he graduated in 2015. He also works at a local deli, volunteers at YMCA Project Cornerstone, and served as the ASFC activities director and sustainability coordinator last year. “Students at community college face very different challenges -- rarely are we ever just students,” he said. “We are a diverse group that balances our education with work and kids.” 

To Petros, part of the educational experience is participating in campus life. He encourages other students to join ASFC or find another club, sport or activity that interests them. “Be involved in something that you care about because it makes a difference to the school, and more importantly, to you,” he added. 

Petros, an English major, plans to transfer in June. He’s considering a career in film, screenwriting or teaching. Wherever he lands, he’s happy for the opportunities he’s received at Foothill. 

“Foothill is an effective path to getting a great education,” he said. “It has really given me the extra time to figure out what I want to do with my life, and where I want to do it.”


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