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Updated: March 09, 2017

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Join a modern medieval adventure this July

This summer, Foothill anthropology instructor Sam Connell, Ph.D., will lead his third field study abroad trip to Ireland, with a student-focused investigation of the ancient and modern medieval Irish landscape. 

The month-long field study, which runs July 2 to Aug. 2, will emphasize the links between archaeology and cultural anthropology through an ongoing archaeological research project. You’ll learn archaeology field methods while working on ancient archaeological sites, as well as being involved in community development work.

This ongoing summer program focuses on Castles in Communities. The research explores the complex role that castles play in communities past and present. The 2017 investigation continues the early stages of the scientific project at Ballintober Castle. From the historical records, the castle is referenced in the early 1300s and was used by the invading Anglo-Norman (English) forces. It was then re-occupied by the O'Conor family, who were last High Kings of Ireland defending the homeland against the English lords invading from the east.

During your travels, earn 12 transferable units and complete an exciting program that includes anthropological fieldwork, coursework, group trips, service learning projects, and a living history experience. Learning opportunities weave a community context with how the application of applied anthropology pertains to the modern world.

The Foothill summer program in Ireland has received high praise from U.S. Ambassador Kevin O'Malley. In The Irish Times magazine's July 1 edition this year, O'Malley states that one of the highlights of his tenure as U.S. Ambassador was his visit to the Foothill program's archaeological dig in Roscommon the previous year.

"The dig was being carried out by a group of American and Irish students," he states in the article. "As we pulled into the town, the streets were lined with schoolchildren waving American flags -- that was a really touching moment for my wife and I.”

The program cost of $3,150, with additional tuition fees based on units enrolled, include food, lodging, and travel in country. Students are responsible for arranging and paying for their airfare. Program fees include basically all project activities between the above dates while in Ireland. Many participants take advantage of being in one of the most beautiful places on earth and spend time adventuring either before or after the field school. The program is open to anyone who is at least age 18.

To learn more about the program and how to register for the trip, visit the Foothill anthropology website.

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