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Updated: March 09, 2016

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Need to Complete Statistics? You Need Foothill's Statway!

Do you feel like you'll never transfer because you're stuck on math requirements? Foothill can help. Many students often struggle with math, which is why Foothill has partnered with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Learning to offer you an innovative, interactive statistics course series this winter.

Called Integrated Statistics or Statway, the two-course series is your UC- and CSU-transferable math pathway to and through the college-level statistics requirement. It also satisfies the requirement for Foothill's associate degree. By enrolling in Foothill's Statway courses, you'll learn how to use statistical tools and become a sophisticated consumer of information that’s based on real-world data.

Statway is an entirely different approach to learning math concepts that allows you to complete algebra a transfer-level statistics in just two quarters without the grueling algebra. Hundreds of Foothill students have completed the series, and successfully transferred and completed their bachelor's degrees. They've also mastered math skills that are essential for a growing number of rewarding careers. Statway is ideal for students who are majoring in history, English, graphic design, music, health care careers and many other majors. 

"When you enroll in our Statway series, you'll learn math concepts differently through a variety of interactive exercises that emphasize project-based learning and group work with fellow students," says Foothill math instructor Rachel Mudge. "I'll help you learn why math is important and useful. What I won't do is make you feel frustrated or unsuccessful."

Mudge says that Foothill's Statway courses not only save you time and money, they emphasize math concepts that have meaning to you--your interests, your academic major and your career goals. Statway is not a traditional lecture class. Instead, you'll learn how math is useful and relevant to your daily life with your peers.

And just as you'd expect, students who complete the Statway series score some impressive statistics of their own. For instance, 15 percent of students who take a typical algebra course complete the math transfer requirement in one year. But a whopping 52 percent of students who take Statway nail their transfer math requirement in half the time. Why? "Because Statway is designed to help you learn math and statistics, not memorize," Mudge says. "As a Statway student, you'll concentrate on statistical content with requisite arithmetic and algebraic concepts taught and applied in the context of statistics."

When you complete the Statway sequence, you’ll understand the data analysis process, how to formulate questions that you can then address with relevant data, and how to develop a plan for effectively identifying and collecting data. You’ll also learn how data can be displayed and summarized in informative ways, and how you can use data to draw conclusions in the presence of uncertainty.

Statway is a rigorous 15-unit course load that requires significantly more reading and collaborative work than most college math classes. It consists of a two-course sequence:  MATH 217: Developmental Math for Statistical Understanding, which you can compete this winter, and MATH 57: Statistical Methods, which will be offered during Spring Quarter 2016. You must complete both courses to meet the college-level math requirement.

Who Should Take Statway?

If you placed into MATH 108 or MATH 220 (elementary algebra at least) on your placement test, you're eligible to enroll in Statway. To get started, register for the MATH 217 class that meets this winter. You can choose the class that meets Mondays through Fridays from 10 to 11:50 a.m. or the section that meets Mondays through Thursdays from 12:30 to 2:45 p.m. 

Statway does not prepare you for a major in the sciences that require intermediate algebra. If you’re pursuing a major in the sciences or other field that requires calculus, you'll need to complete the traditional algebra sequence. 

To find out if Statway is a good fit for your academic and career goals, schedule a consultation with a Foothill counselor and visit To register for winter quarter, visit Register early for the best selection of winter classes.

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