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Updated: March 09, 2016

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Honors Calculus Offered Again This Winter

This fall, Foothill debuted its first honors math course to positive reviews. Based on students’ feedback, the class will be offered again when Winter Quarter begins January 4.

Taken concurrently for a total of six units, the two-part course includes MATH 1AH: Honors Calculus I and MATH 1AHP: Honors Calculus I Seminar. The first honors course of its kind to be offered by a California Community College, honors calculus explores concepts of applied and theoretical mathematics, and students are expected to gain deep conceptual understanding in both areas. Both courses also transfer to the CSU and UC systems.

Widely used in science, economics, engineering and other professions, calculus can provide the tools to solve problems that algebra alone cannot. As a student in Foothill’s honors calculus courses, you’ll study the topics featured in a standard beginning calculus class, as well as unique topics, including proofs of major theorems, differential calculus, and proofs of limits and derivatives. In addition to completing a major project that applies calculus concepts, you’ll learn to use mathematical keyboarding software to complement project and assignments.

To register for MATH 1AH and MATH 1AHP, you must first apply to the Foothill College Honors Institute. To review Honors Institute eligibility requirements and apply for the program, visit

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