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Updated: September 12, 2016

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Students showcase original work at UC Berkeley

More than 30 Foothill students, faculty and staff traveled to UC Berkeley on Saturday, May 7, to support and cheer on fellow Honors Institute student presenters at the 9th annual Honors Research Symposium. On Wednesday, May 25, the Foothill Honors Institute is bringing a taste of this year's symposium to campus, and you are invited.

Each year the Bay Honors Consortium hosts the annual Honors Research Symposium alternating at either Stanford or UC Berkeley. The day-long symposium provides an opportunity for community college honors students to present their original research and to have their work published in The Journal of the Bay Honors Consortium. Students can also tour the hosting university campus. More importantly, it allows honors students from throughout California to converge and engage with each other, to see the possibilities and make connections. Six Foothill students were selected to share their research through this year's application process.  

For Foothill Honors English instructor Scott Lankford, who served as this year's symposium keynote speaker, the bringing together of honors students to make connections is one of the more important aspects of the statewide event. During his welcome to a full auditorium in Dwinelle Hall, Lankford spoke of the challenges we face with climate change, a theme he teaches in his English honors classes given what he sees as a sense of urgency in addressing the impacts. He ended his morning welcome by asking students to consider not what they want to become along their educational journeys but what problems they want to solve.

Hear honors students' dynamic and informative presentations on Wednesday, May 25, from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. in the Campus Center Council Chamber (Room 2018). Admission is free; parking is $3. Featured presentations will include:

Dustin Nguyen
Mentor: Voltaire Villanueva
Title: Singing the Winter Blues: The Cause & Treatment for Winter-Onset Depression

Danya Adib & Noelle Gross
Mentor: Robert Harwell
Title: “The Battling Mind: Music’s Role in Overcoming Adversity
Description: Social and economic pressures on East Asian students have led to increasing rates of suicide.

Heather Kornblum
Mentor: Mark Bauermeister
Title: “I Feel You: Empathy as a Tool to Promote Safer Sex”
Description: Empathy can promote higher rates of condom use in casual sexual hookups

Agustin Pacheco
Mentor: Jeffrey Anderson
Title: “Inside the Matrix: Verifying the Dynamics of Pendulums & Spring”
Description: Experimental verification of the mathematical model governing the dynamics of harmonics oscillators. 

If you have any questions about the Honors Research Showcase, please email or call (650) 949-7638.

Visit the Honors Institute website for more information about the program, including courses and eligibility.

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