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Updated: November 10, 2016

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Take a PE class for wellness and fun

At Foothill, we want to help students establish healthy lifestyles that will have long-term benefits — for them, their families and the community. Staying fit physically, mentally and emotionally is part of the mix.

Our Kinesiology Department offers classes that cover the physical fitness part with a variety to choose from for those students who want to take PE classes every quarter while studying at Foothill. Our PE and Dance course listing offers something for everyone, whether your goal is to 

  • relieve stress between classes with yoga or a fun game of ping pong
  • improve your golf or bowling game
  • learn the art of archery in a fun environment with new friends
  • or strengthen and condition your body for a summer backpacking trip

If you want to master a specific activity, such as golf, yoga or archery, we offer course levels as you work on skills.

Take a PE Class @ Foothill

Check out a sampling of PE activity classes. It will be noted if a course listed is not offered this summer but returning in fall. Otherwise, all courses are normally offered both summer and fall.

  • Aquatics: Swimming, Water Exercise and Awareness
  • Cardiovascular Fitness: Hiking and Indoor Cycling offered this summer; Walking and Running will return in fall
  • Combatives: Tai Chi and Kickboxing
  • Cross Training: Thighs, Abs and Glutes; Interval, Boot Camp and Survivor Training and more
  • Flexibility: Pilates, Yoga, Core Conditioning and Stretching
  • Individual Sports: Golf, Tennis and Archery offered this summer; Badminton, Bowling and Table Tennis (Ping Pong) will return in fall
  • Strength Development: Nutritional Assessment/Fitness; Circuit Training; Weight Lifting and more
  • Team Sports: Water Polo, Softball, Indoor Soccer, Basketball
  • Dance: Ballroom & Social (only Dance class offered this summer) Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz and Hip-Hop will return in fall

For upcoming classes, view the Physical Education (PHED) and Dance (DANC) listings for the Schedule of Classes on the Kinesiology website.

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