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Updated: December 19, 2016

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Learn life-saving skills in noncredit EMR & EMT courses at new Sunnyvale Center

Each day, people trained in emergency medical practices save lives. While we rely on doctors and nurses who work in emergency rooms to fix our wounds, when an accident occurs or a loved one suddenly experiences an undefined physical ailment, it's the EMRs, EMTs and paramedics of our community who see us first. They assess needs while calming fears and/or keeping us alive before transporting us to an emergency room for more advanced care.

At Foothill, we are training these first-responder heroes. Our Emergency Medical Services Program offers a complete curriculum that will take you from introductory emergency medical responder (EMR) classes through emergency medical technician (EMT) certification and eventual paramedic training. Formerly held at our Middlefield Campus, this suite of courses will now be offered at the new Foothill College Sunnyvale Center, which opens September 26.

At the new location, the program is introducing a noncredit option for the EMR and EMT sections. If you're interested in becoming an EMT, you may now enroll in a series of three classes at no registration cost. If you are successful in completing the courses, you can then take the EMT licensure exam. From there, you can become part of a professional team–on an ambulance, for a fire department, or in an emergency room. The EMT is a vital link in the emergency medical services system, leading to a valuable and rewarding career.

Even if you don't want to become a professional EMT or continue on to apply to Foothill's Paramedic Program, completion of the noncredit courses can provide greater peace of mind when faced with the type of incidents that require first-responder care, including for caregivers for the elderly, or guides for outdoor adventure excursions, during which physical challenges and risks can take a toll on participants.

Whether you are looking for a career in the emergency medical services field or simply want to be prepared when the need arises at home or on a hiking trail with friends, this would be the time to check out what's offered at the Sunnyvale Center, and join this class of special heroes who are prepared to save lives.

Noncredit students take classes alongside those who are enrolled for credit. The difference is students enrolled in the courses for credit may transfer coursework to another college or earn units toward general education. While there is no cost to register for the noncredit course section, noncredit students are still responsible for costs of equipment or other material fees associated with the program.

For more information about how to apply and enroll in the program, visit the noncredit EMR and EMT courses web page. Fall classes begin September 26.

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