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Updated: November 02, 2015

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In-Demand Computer Science Courses

From Python & Java to Quantum Computing

Be a part of Silicon Valley’s start-up action by enhancing your computer sciences skills with a variety of Foothill College courses. Whether your goal is to develop in-demand skills for career advancement, complete university-transfer requirements or add to lifelong learning, Foothill offers introductory and honors computer science courses that emphasize hands-on projects and assignments.

Choose from Beginning through Advanced Computer Science Classes This Fall

C S 1AH: Honors Object-Oriented Programming Methodologies In JavaIdeal if your background includes some programming, this new honors course will give you the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding and command of Java. The course also satisfies the prerequisite for C S 1B, which is the next class in Foothill’s Java series. The five-unit course transfers to the CSU system.

C S 3A: Object-Oriented Programming Methodologies in Python—This fall, Foothill offers you a new class that’s designed to introduce you to Python, a leading programming language that’s used extensively in Silicon Valley and around the globe. In addition to studying Python’s fundamental concepts, you’ll examine control structures, functions, classes, recursion and data abstraction. The new C S 3A course will also give you excellent preparation for Foothill’s more advanced C S 21A: Python for Programmers course. The five-unit course transfers to the CSU system.

C S 83A: Theory of Quantum Computer ILearn about quantum teleportation, oracles, period finding and, ultimately, Shor factoring in Foothill’s new C S 83A course. The course weaves mathematical and quantum mechanical topics together to introduce you to the computational techniques and algorithms of elementary quantum computing. In addition to theory, computation and algorithm design, you’ll study powerful techniques that are used in science and engineering, including complex arithmetic, linear algebra, tensor products, quantum mechanics, Fourier analysis and probability theory. The goal of the new class is to empower you to digest technical papers, take more advanced computer science courses and develop the skills needed to design your own quantum circuits and algorithms. The five-unit course transfers to the CSU system.

C S 49: Foundations of Computer ProgrammingThis course is ideal if you’re just starting out in computer programming or need an introduction to the subject. Taught in both the Java and Python programming languages, this course is an excellent entry into computing foundations. You’ll get hands-on practice working with software engineering tools, simple programs, variables, control structures, functions, and input/output results. You’ll also learn how to efficiently use style guidelines and conduct testing to ensure that your programs are usable, robust and modifiable. The 2.5-unit course transfers to the CSU and UC systems.

We’re Adding More Computer Science Courses to Keep You in Sync with Silicon Valley

Foothill computer science faculty are continually developing new courses to meet the interests of working professionals and students. Courses that will be offered in future quarters include developing apps for iOS, writing apps for Android Java, Ruby and functional programming, Javascript for programmers, Python for programmers and a new cybersecurity series.

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