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Updated: March 13, 2017

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Students, faculty and staff come together to celebrate Shabbat

In Jewish culture, Shabbat is the weekly day of rest. Friends and family often come together to share a meal and unwind from the workweek. The college held its own intimate Shabbat dinner to close out Jewish Heritage Month in January.  Students, faculty and staff gathered in Hearthside Lounge to have dinner and learn why Shabbat is a central part of Judaism.

“We thought it would be a nice event to do at Foothill because of its importance and to introduce people to our culture,” said Leeor Nehardea, a student who helped organize the event. “It’s a day for your soul and to reunite with the more important things in life.”

Shabbat is typically observed from a few minutes before sunset Friday evening until the appearance of three stars in the sky Saturday night. More conservative practitioners refrain from driving, shopping or using electricity during Shabbat. Traditionally, three meals are eaten and challah, the ceremonial bread is served. People will often light candles and recite a blessing before eating. 

All were welcome to attend the event. Some students had been to a Shabbat meal before while others were participating for the first time. Nehardea was glad to be able to share such a significant part of his heritage with the campus community. “I hope that people enjoyed it and learned something new,” he said.

The Foothill community celebrates different cultures each month. For Jewish Heritage Month, the college also hosted a guest lecture, traditional Jewish folk dancing lessons and a film screening.

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