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Updated: March 16, 2017

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Improve your English language skills online

If English is your second language, improving your language skills is an important step in successfully completing your educational goals. ESLL 228: Developing Language Skills for International Students is a new online course for you. This class is for any intermediate-advanced ESL students who need additional support to succeed in college academic programs.

Instructor David McCormick will personalize instruction to help each student improve grammar, writing, reading and speaking. 

Customized to a wide range of student needs, this course can prepare students for the English placement exam, or it can support higher-level ESLL students and those already taking advanced English courses required for degree or transfer (such as English 1A or 1B). Students will also have increased digital literacy, cultural competency, and pathways to academic, career and personal growth opportunities.

To register for ESLL 228, complete the free application at Use CRN 42139 to add the class. For additional information, please email David McCormick at 

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